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This course is to provide the NAUI EANx certified diver with the training and experience necessary to understand the hazards and minimise the risks of using a closed circuit rebreather while breathing nitrox with a constant oxygen partial pressure.


Upon successful completion of this course, students are considered competent to plan and execute unit specific closed circuit rebreather dives up to 40 metres without direct supervision providing activities and areas dives approximate those of training.


Minimum age of 18.
Minimum certification of NAUI EANx Diver.
Minimum of 50 logged dives with 10 dives on nitrox - medical approval – verification as documented by a medical examination including chest x-ray and spirometry exam and unconditional approval for diving by a licensed physician (with hyperbaric training) within the preceding 12 months.


The students will be able to:-

Perform the pre-dive check for the specific unit, including checking gas cylinders, inspection of harness and BC, hoses and mouthpieces, counter lung for water ingress, canister, oxygen analysis system, carbon dioxide analysis system (if present), o-rings and oxygen control system.
Perform the pre-dive planning including safety stops, review emergency bailout procedures with contingency dive planning, problem solving, i.e. oxygen shut down, electronics failure, etc.
Perform the proper counterlung flush procedures prior to entering the water.
Perform proper buoyancy control and trimming skills at a depth not to exceed 6 metres before they may progress to deeper depths.
Perform proper monitoring or information displays.
Participate in a diver rescue simulation to include management of a diver experiencing underwater convulsions, hypoxia, flooded system and out of gas scenario.
Perform the proper procedure for switching to the emergency gas at least four times during the course at a depth not to exceed 12 metres.
Perform the proper procedure for handling a flooded canister situation, low or high oxygen levels and electronics failure.
Perform the proper ascent with a reel and DSMB simulating a decompression0ceiling obligation.
Perform the proper post-five procedures after each dive including turning the unit off, rinsing the unit, checking and recording cylinder pressures, turning off valves and bleeding lines, removing hoses and mouthpiece, disinfecting the drying, cleaning of canister, calculation and recording of canister remaining time, blanking off breathing loop ports, log and mark unit clearly with canister use, secure gauges and displays.
Explain the proper procedures for missed no-decompression and how the operating characteristics of the rebreather make these procedures different from air or nitrox open circuit procedures.

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