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NAUI Training Course

Mixed Gas Blender & O2 Service Technician


This course is to provide the student with the skills and knowledge needed to safely handle high pressure gases. Prepare oxygen enriched air and helium base mixes and prepared equipment for oxygen service.


Upon successful completion of this course, students are considered competent to prepare Oxygen Enriched Air and Helium based breathing gases without direct supervision for use by divers – provided that the equipment used is the same or approximates that used in training; and to prepare scuba equipment for oxygen service provided that they have been authorised by the manufacturer for servicing the particular brand of equipment being placed into oxygen service.


Minimum age of 18.


The students are to analyse the breathing gas mixtures resulting from their own breathing gas blending practices. Students shall demonstrate mastery of the breathing gas blending system used in training, i.e. each student will be able to complete a blending and cylinder filling operation without prompting by the instructor and without error. The students are to clean, verify and document one cylinder, cylinder valve and first stage of a regulator for oxygen service without prompting by the instructor and without error.

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