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PADI Training Courses

Whether you are contemplating your first steps into the undersea world or are perhaps looking to dive into one of the many PADI Speciality courses we are able to provide a broad range of training at competitive prices.

A range of approved RYA courses are now available. See the calender for what's currently planned or contact us to see what is available.

PADI Junior Open Water £425

Similar in content to the padi open water qualification but geared towards age 10+ and limited in depth plus other restrictions.

PADI Open Water £425

Take the plunge. The most widely recognized and respected diving certification in the world. The fun of diving starts as soon as you enter the PADI Open Water course, which teaches you the basics of enjoyable, safe diving through pool and class sessions, plus exiting dives at a popular dive site under the guidance of your PADI Instructor. It is the the worlds most popular beginning diver course. The only prerequisite is that you are a reasonably proficient swimmer who is comfortable  and relaxed in the water. Your overall health should be good, particularly your circulation and respiratory systems. The course is made up of three areas. Academic (classroom) presentations - 5 modules. Confined water (pool) work 5 modules and open water (sea) dives- a minimum of 4. Minimum age 15. Course duration 4/5 days over 4 days evenings and weekends to suit.

PADI Advanced open water diver £350

This program gives you the chance to sample some of diving's most popular specialities and expand your diving skills at the same time . The PADI Advanced Open Water  course which consists of five dives and can be completed in as little as one weekend, and is perfect for sampling a wider variety of diving experiences. Subjects covered are:  Underwater navigation, night diving, deep diving, altitude diving, boat diving ,  underwater naturalism, underwater photography , wreck diving, drift diving, dry suit diving, multi level diving and search and recovery,  Students must be qualified open water divers. Duration 2 days.

PADI Rescue Diver course £350

The PADI Rescue Diver Course teaches you to focus on other divers  as well as yourself, showing you how to recognise and prevent potential diving accidents before they occur, and how to handle them if they do.  Although this subject is serious, most divers find this course both rewarding and enjoyable. Minimum age 15 students must be Advanced Open Water Divers. 

PADI Divemaster Course £399

If your love of diving interests you in a full or part time career, the PADI Divemaster course is your first step. This course develops your diving leaderships abilities by expanding your theoroy knowledge to a  professional level, and by training you to supervise diving activities and to assist with diver training . Minimum age is 18. Students must be certified PADI rescue divers and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. A medical examination is required. Course duration is 7 days or through an internship program.

Dry Suit Speciality £160

Widely regarded as some of the most enjoyable programs in diver education PADI speciality courses focus on the underwater activity that interests you most. Speciality course  subjects include altitude diving, boat diving, cavern diving, deep diving, drift diving, dry-suit diving, equipment specialist, ice diving, multilevel diving, underwater navigation, search and recovery. Underwater naturalism  underwater photography, wreck diving and more. most PADI speciality courses can be completed in as little as a weekend, with the emphasis on learning by making speciality dives under the supervision of your PADI Instructor.

Enriched air diver course NITROX £120

Dive today and discover Enriched Air Nitrox.

Diver Propulsion Vehicles DPV


Become a DPV Diver.have a go in the swimming pool and open water. Introduction and full course.

PADI Bubblemaker Experience -
Discover Scuba Diving £25

Kids love blowing bubbles. whether they're blowing bubbles with their gum, in their milk or in the bath tub, they just can't get enough. So why not introduce them to the fun and excitement of the Bubblemaker experience program? PADI's Bubblemaker experience is designed with youngsters (ages 8-11) in mind. Watch your kid's fascinaction with the aquatic realm turn to pure delight as they take that first breath of air underwater, turning your little swimmer into a real fish. The Bubblemaker program is conducted in the shallow end of the pool by a PADI instructor and provides a safe and convenient setting for your kids to experience scuba diving. Start them out on the right fin and let them discover the thrill of diving in a pool. Course duration 1hour. Discover Scuba Diving .Teaches you some basic scuba diving skills counting towards a Junior open water qualification, as a extra it can also include one sea dive for a additional cost.

PADI Scuba Review £50

Chance to refresh your diving skills after a break , take time in the pool to brush up on your skills under the supervision of your PADI dive instructor. Duration 2 hours.

Semi Closed Rebreather - Diver Dolphin £250

2 Days 4 Dives.

Emergency First Response £120

First aid course for divers and work.

Full Face Mask Try Dive £20

In The Pool With The Ocean Reef Mask.30 Min Dive.On Sale at the centre.

Oxygen Administration £120

1 Day course a most for every diver.

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